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Astropphotography at Perth Observatory during Global Corporate Challenge - 27/6/2014

Astropphotography at Perth Observatory during Global Corporate Challenge

Telescope - PowerNewt 200mm f/4 with PowerNewt(ASA) f/2.84 Reducer/Coma Corrector, No filters, Baader BCF modified Canon 70D DSLR field 90' x 134' , Ambient 9C. EQMOD EQASCOM with Ascom 6 for mount control. Backyard EOS Pro 3.0.3 for Image acquisition. Mount - Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro. Guidescope - Orion ShortTube 80 with Starlight Xpress SuperStar (Mono) CCD Auto Guider and Stark Labs PHD auto guiding software.

A country-born Western Australian, Boyanup, who migrated to the city of Perth, the suburb of Bull Creek, with family during late secondary schooling and has remained in the city ever since.

A life-long interest in Astronomy that initially peaked in the 6 or 7 years after moving to the city with Astronomical group membership, telescope acquisitions and attempts at 35mm film photography through and piggybacked on it.

A waning of involvement due to work and family commitments has been renewed in recent years with Perth Observatory volunteer work and the discovery of the photographic capabilities made possible by the march of computerisation.

The 'Chronology of Astronomy Galleries by Year' from 2010 document the progress of my renewal of interest in Astrophotography (AP), including the mistakes, as these have helped to seat home the recommendations found in countless books, web sites and forums on the AP topic. You will see not just the final best presented cropped images but the original images so you can see what comes out of the equipment configurations used, showing image scale and optical defects to whatever degree is present. Objects and equipment configurations and capabilities vary so much that I think this is of value to those looking for their own configurations.

I've also scanned negatives from my early days and found a few other Astronomy related photos from the intervening years and placed these in two earlier years galleries.

The 'Astronomical Galleries by Categories' contains many categorised views of the same content that appears in the 'Chronology of Astronomy Galleries by Year'.

In early November 2012 I established an AstroBin presence for my favourite shots at and was up to date with SmuMug from end of January 2013. SmugMug remains my chronicle for all shots good and bad as the learning continues.

A 'Recent Additions' Gallery contains the 100 most recent images in newest to oldest order and might be the best way to see what has been added since the last time you looked.

I occasionally enter images in competitions and there are a number of galleries that contain those also.

Recent Work Slideshow

Moon - Tycho crater - 29/3/2015 (Processed stack)

Moon - Tycho crater - 29/3/2015 (Processed stack)

Imaged at Perth Observatory

After a steady viewing session earlier, a wind arose when I began imaging and this was the best I could get at ~8m focal length.

Captured with BackyardEOS 5X Planetary mode - 500 frames @ ISO800 at 1/30 sec.
Post Processed with Registax 6 to stack best 10% (50) frames and with Wavelet processing.
Further processed with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

Telescope - Celestron 'Orange Tube' 14" f/11 FL=3910mm SCT c1978 (Perth Observatory's), 2X 2" PowerMate EFL-7820mm f/22, No filter, Baader BCF modified Canon 70D DSLR field ~10' x 7' , Ambient ~18C. Backyard EOS Pro 3.1.2 for Image acquisition. Unguided on Sidereal tracked Celestron Wedge.

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